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Spinello Locksmiths & Security Integrators offers several types of surveillance cameras solutions, including analog, HD, and IP cameras. We have access to all major brands and types of surveillance cameras and are equally comfortable using and installing all of them, even custom brands.

Surveillance Camera Systems

Our customized design process truly sets us apart as your premier choice for a security contractor. At I. Spinello Locksmiths & Security Integrators, we understand each customer faces unique challenges and we help minimize risks by providing a full assessment of security issues in order to design the best surveillance camera system to meet your specific needs. We never offer cookie cutter solutions. Since we are an independent security company, we always provide the solution that makes the most sense for you.

We Offer Many Specialty Surveillance Camera Services;

  • License plate capture
  • Facial recognition
  • Video analytics – using 3D cameras for people counting
  • Intrusion detection
  • Thermal cameras
  • Analog/IP/HD – Any technology used to transmit
  • Ability to mesh networks to cover large areas with multiple transmitters


Remote View Access

If you have high-speed Internet services at your business, you will have remote access to your surveillance camera system from your smartphone or laptop. Being able to check on your business anytime is a huge advantage and provides you with a greater peace of mind.

Video Surveillance Cameras

We have video surveillance cameras that allow for longer recorded video times, enabling you to review videos up to several weeks back. All of our video surveillance systems feature digital storage, which we can customize to meet the specific storage needs of our customers. The majority of our security surveillance camera systems are designed to record only when the camera detects motion in order to save space and speed up the process when searching through videos.


8 Benefits Of Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras offer a wide range of benefits that contribute significantly to both security and operational efficiency. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Crime Deterrence: The presence of surveillance cameras acts as a strong deterrent to potential criminals, as they are aware their actions might be recorded. This can significantly reduce the incidence of theft, vandalism, and other crimes.
  2. Evidence & Investigation: Surveillance footage is invaluable when it comes to resolving disputes and investigating incidents. It provides clear evidence that can help in identifying perpetrators, understanding the sequence of events, and making legal proceedings more efficient.
  3. Monitoring & Safety: Cameras enable continuous monitoring of critical areas, enhancing safety. They are especially useful in high-risk areas and can help ensure that safety protocols are followed, reducing the likelihood of accidents and ensuring secure environments.
  4. Operational Control: In business settings, surveillance cameras can help monitor workflow and analyze foot traffic patterns. This data is useful for improving customer service, optimizing store layouts, and managing staff performance.
  5. Remote Access & Management: Many modern surveillance systems offer remote access, allowing you to monitor your property from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This is particularly useful for those who own multiple properties or are frequently away.
  6. Integration With Other Security Measures: Surveillance cameras can be integrated with other security systems like alarm systems and access control systems, creating a comprehensive security solution that enhances overall protection.
  7. Enhanced Customer Experience: In retail environments, surveillance cameras can help staff quickly address customer needs by monitoring activity and deploying staff accordingly, ultimately improving the customer experience.
  8. Legal Compliance: In some industries, maintaining video surveillance is a regulatory or insurance requirement. Cameras can help ensure compliance with these regulations, reducing legal risks and potentially lowering insurance premiums.

Overall, the benefits of surveillance cameras extend beyond simple security measures, providing a versatile tool for enhancing safety, optimizing operations, and ensuring continuous protection.  Contact I. Spinello Locksmiths & Security Integrators today to schedule an appointment for your home or business.

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